Rawan Majeed, the founder of Another Basement, is passionate about preserving fashion history. Store offers a curated selection of vintage pieces, providing a unique shopping experience for vintage enthusiasts worldwide. Another Basement features carefully sourced collections from renowned archive vintage brands, promoting sustainability and conscious fashion consumption.


Authencity Guarantee

We guarantee 100% of our products each item. Our authentication process is done by many years of experience, Including education in the fashion industry and having deep knowledge of the fashion house heritage and system. Rely on trusted sources and established relationships with vintage collectors and suppliers to acquire our inventory. By working closely with industry insiders, we can confidently guarantee the authenticity of our products.

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or a collector, our store offers a curated selection of archive vintage brands that tell stories of the past. With our global shipping services, customers from around the world can enjoy the unique and timeless treasures that Another Basement has to offer.

Our guarantee includes the following step.

  • A catalog of the products we sell deep research from detail to detail
  • People who we buy from are private collectors or fashion industry people
  • Expert towards the house what we are selling for
  • Starting from labels to the smallest detail.

Return Policy

All sales are final. Each item displays a detailed description, including size, measurements, condition, and period. Authenticity is always guaranteed, Please if you have any question contact us on: contact@anotherbasement.com



If you wish to sell with us please get in contact with us via email,