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Another Basement started in Helsinki in 2018. We sell hand selected vintage designer pieces sourced world-wide, We source our products from worldwide. Every clothing its a hand selected from industry professionals. 

Authenticity Guarantee

We guarantee 100% of our products each item we well. Our authentication process is done by many years of experience, Including education in the fashion industry and having deep knowledge of the fashion house heritage and system.

Our guarantee includes the following step.
- A catalog of the products we sell deep research from detail to detail.
- People who we buy from are private collectors or fashion industry people
- Expert towards the house what we are selling for
- Starting from labels to the smallest detail.



Another Basement
Via della boscaiola, 20159 Milan

Return Policy

The unique pieces we offer and the aged item of product. Sales are final and we dont accept returns. Dont hesitate contact us for more information.


A) the product is in excellent condition.
B) The product is in fairly good condition, might contain small visible stains or holes.
C) the product has visible stains or holes, or is used a lot .
In another basement, we use categories for our customers to know the exact condition of their purchase.